Helping our customers to succeed in their markets

True to our claim "Driving Success. Together." we strive to support our customers' success in their markets, to give them a competitive edge – through top reliability and quality, ease of doing business, constant innovation for greater efficiency and product differentiation, and high-quality customer relations.

The best solutions for every market

INEOS Styrolution understands that the needs of customers buying standard products are quite different from the needs of customers purchasing specialties. The standard product market is characterized by high-volume sales and more generalized products, while the specialties market features lower unit numbers, but a much higher degree of product customization. That is why we have structured our offer to meet the diverse requirements of the styrenic standard and specialties markets. Whatever the market, we create value for our customers.

Standard products are characterized by consistently high quality with outstanding reliability

  • Short delivery lead times
  • Unbeatable lot-to-lot consistency
  • Robustness (leading to smooth, efficient production and throughput, high yield and optimal cost savings for customers)
  • Versatility (few but highly versatile grades, covering a wide range of applications)
  • Global and regional grades (ensuring shorter delivery lead times; accurate, on-time delivery and quality that remains consistent worldwide)

Customers purchasing specialty products from INEOS Styrolution can expect...

...highly innovative and excellent performance characteristics as well as superior services, i.e.:

  • Unique performance features
  • High lot-to-lot consistency and easy to process
  • Customization (the right polymer grade to address each customer's unique requirements, e.g. custom colors, tailored performance)
  • High-quality services and technical support
  • Innovation (e.g. supporting the development of new products, applications and customer business models) to enable differentiation, improve efficiency and lower total costs
  • OEM and regulatory approvals
  • Long-term guarantees for product availability, as well as consistent specifications and recipes
  • Global and regional grades

Strategic priorities

Strategic priorities

It is not just about what we want to accomplish with our strategy, but also about how we accomplish our objectives. This is equally important and clearly expressed in our corporate values and in our Safety, Health and Environmental policy.