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Management Board

An experienced, dedicated management team

Styrolution brings together a team of industry executives who understand the challenges facing customers in their specific markets. Their commitment to excellence and decades of experience in the styrenics industry offer genuine added value.

Kevin McQuade – CEO Styrolution, President EMEA

Kevin McQuade (58) is Chief Executive Officer of Styrolution and currently also serves as President Europe, Middle East and Africa. Kevin McQuade's career began in 1980 at Mobil Chemical Company, where he held various technical, production and commercial positions before moving to BASF in 1992 and becoming Business Director for the Styrenics division. In 2005 he was elected Commercial Director of the Styrenics business unit of INEOS, with responsibility for global sales and marketing activities for styrene monomer and styrenic polymers. He went on to represent INEOS as a board member during the time of the NOVA Innovene joint venture and subsequently becoming CEO of the INEOS NOVA joint venture and later INEOS Styrenics. Kevin McQuade holds chemical engineering degrees from The Cooper Union and the University of Delaware and an MBA from New York University.

Alexander Glück – President Americas

Dr. Alexander Glück (51) is President, Americas at Styrolution. He has a career in the chemical industry spanning 20 years. After holding a position as senior manager for the polystyrene business in Asia, he assumed responsibility for product management of Terluran/Luran in Europe. From 2008 onwards, he served as vice president global marketing and innovation for the BASF Styrenics Division. At Styrolution, Alexander Glueck started out as vice president, global marketing and innovation; then he held the position of senior vice president, global strategy, R&D, and procurement. Dr. Glück received his PhD in chemistry from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, Germany.

Hyung Tae Chang – President Asia-Pacific

Hyung Tae Chang (62) is President for Asia-Pacific at Styrolution, having previously served as Senior Vice President/Business Director for the Asia-Pacific region within BASF's Styrenics division. He started his career in 1977 as Manager for Chemicals & Plastics at FOHAG, a former part of the BASF group. Subsequently he joined Hyosung BASF in Korea as Department Manager and Assistant Director, before being appointed a board member in 1994 and Director in 1996. He then moved to the Hyosung Corporation, where he became President of the Chemical Business division in 1998. In 2001, he relocated to Singapore to work for BASF South East Asia, gaining in-depth experience in the field of styrenics. HT Chang holds a degree in chemical engineering from Seoul National University and studied at Sogang University, Seoul.

Christoph de la Camp – Chief Financial Officer

Chris de la Camp (51) is the CFO of Styrolution, having previously been CFO of INEOS Styrenics and INEOS NOVA in the US. He joined BP in 1994, where he worked in strategic planning, sales management, project management and integration management in BP's European Retail and Commercial Fuels businesses in Belgium and Germany. In 2003 he became Performance and Control Manager of BP's European Styrenics Business and in 2005 Finance Director for the NOVA Innovene joint venture in Switzerland. A German national by birth, he grew up in the UK and gained a degree in civil engineering from Imperial College London and an MBA from the London Business School.

Steve Harrington – President Styrene Monomer

Steve Harrington (45) is president of Styrolution's global styrene monomer business. He has been working in the styrenics industry since 2005, holding various commercial roles within several INEOS businesses with territorial responsibilities including: Africa, the Middle East and Russia. Most recently, he led Styrolution's styrene monomer business in the Americas. Steve Harrington holds a degree in chemistry from Hull University and currently serves as chairman of the Styrene Information and Research Center.



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