News Release

Styrolution to showcase its latest styrenic innovations at Feiplastic 2015


São Paulo, Brazil

  • The global leader in styrenics will feature innovative applications from a range of industries, including automotive, healthcare, construction, electronics, household and packaging
  • The company will also discuss how the recently announced integration of INEOS' Styrolution and ABS business activities will benefit customers in Latin America
  • The company will introduce new powdered AMSAN and ASA grades in the region for PVC modification of outdoor applications
  • Styrolution's styrenics experts will be available at Feiplastic in Pavilhão de Exposições do Anhembi at booth B-600

São Paulo – April 29, 2015 - Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, will participate for the first time in Feiplastic 2015, the largest plastics trade fair in Latin America, taking place May 4-8 in São Paulo, Brazil. At the event, Styrolution will showcase its innovative material solutions for a diversity of industries including automotive, healthcare, construction, electronics, household and packaging. Further, the company will introduce new powdered styrenic materials in Latin America for the modification of PVC compounds in the construction industry. Styrolution's representatives will also be on hand to discuss the recent announcement of the integration of INEOS' Styrolution and ABS business activities and the advantages this integration will provide customers in Latin America. During Feiplastic, visitors can visit Styrolution in Pavilhão de Exposições do Anhembi at booth B-600.

Key points:

  • Innovative styrenic solutions that drive customer value: Styrenics enable endless possibilities in application development throughout various industries, which Styrolution experts will showcase at Feiplastic 2015.
  • Innovation in the automotive industry: As the leading styrenic material solution provider for the automotive industry, Styrolution will illustrate the value of its trademark acrylonitrile styrene acrylate (ASA), Luran S which is employed in mirror components and front grilles. Styrolution will also showcase Novodur HH, high-heat acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), as a proven solution for automobile interior and exterior decorative parts. Applications powered by Terblend N, an ABS and polyamide blend that offers high chemical strength and excellent acoustic absorption, will also be featured in speaker grilles and other interior applications. An extrusion sheet for interior trim in buses and trucks using INEOS ABS' Lustran will also be on display.
  • Built-in value to the construction sector: Styrolution will also provide insight on the utility of Luran S grades for decking, fencing, railing and screens. For applications related to irrigation and gardening, Styrolution will highlight its standard ABS, Terluran. Additionally, during Feiplastic 2015, the company will also introduce in South America powdered alpha methyl styrene acrylonitrile (AMSAN) and ASA grades used in the modification of PVC compounds.
  • Versatile polymer solutions for the healthcare segment: Styrolution will illustrate how styrene-butadiene block copolymers, such as Styrolux and Styroflex, enable flexible applications for medical devices, including drip chambers and tubing. The company will also feature other versatile materials used in the industry, including styrene acrylic copolymers NAS, Zylar, Clearblend and INEOS ABS' Lustran.
  • Styrenic enhancements for the electronics industry: Powering innovation in electronics, Styrolution will show stationary batteries made of Luran (styrene acrylonitrile) and printers utilizing Terluran. Both materials provide significant value to this industry due to their excellent appearance and performance characteristics.
  • The home of the future: Styrolution materials combine durability with aesthetically pleasing appearance for many household items. Supporting innovation in the household industry, Styrolution will showcase appliances made of Luran S, as well as portable appliances produced with Terluran and Luran. 
  • A diversity of packaging options: No matter the packaging requirements, Styrolution offers a range of solutions that will be featured at Feiplastic 2015. Solutions to be highlighted at the event include flexible packaging made of Styrolux and Styrolution® PS, cosmetic containers produced from Terluran and Luran, utensils made of Luran S and disposable drinkware made of NAS and Lustran SAN.

Integration of INEOS' Styrolution and ABS businesses: Last month, INEOS announced its Styrolution and ABS businesses will integrate in order to promote their products globally with one face to the market. Customers in the Americas will benefit from the combined strength of the standard and specialty ABS portfolios, as well as other styrenic specialties. In addition, customers will further profit from the polymer expertise Styrolution and INEOS ABS offer in key customer industries, such as automotive and healthcare. This move will not only enrich Styrolution's standard and specialty ABS offering to customers but it also establishes the combined business as the clear market leader in ABS in the Americas.

Advancing a global strategy: Styrolution's presence at Feiplastic 2015 reflects the company's commitment to its "Triple Shift" growth strategy. Triple Shift calls for growth in emerging markets, such as Latin America, as well as a focus on styrenic specialties and ABS Standard and higher-growth industries.


Alexander Glück, President Americas, Styrolution: "Brazil will play a key role in helping Styrolution realize our Triple Shift vision. For this reason, we are continuing to explore a long-term investment project to establish a regional manufacturing hub for ABS and SAN specialties in the coming years. Our participation in Feiplastic 2015 represents a milestone for Styrolution in Latin America and underscores our commitment to customers, both in Brazil and in the region."

Paulo Motta, Business Director, South America, Styrolution: "Feiplastic is an ideal platform to showcase the versatility and endless possibilities of styrenics. At the show, we will present our most innovative products, many of which have never been seen in Brazil. Further, customers from the automotive, construction, healthcare, electronics, household appliances and packaging segments can speak with styrenics experts with firsthand knowledge of their respective industries."