FEIPLASTIC International Plastic Trade Fair

05/20/13 - 05/24/13

Anhembi Exhibition Pavilion, Sao Paulo

Feiplastic – International Trade Fair is the largest space in Latin America for networking and presenting the latest trends and new product launchings in the plastics sector. A prominent event with the most important names and brands in the market that attracts top professionals from Brazil and abroad looking for good business opportunities.

Sectors present at the event:

  • Basic Products and Raw Materials
  • Machinery, equipment and accessories
  • Molds and tools
  • Plastics processors
  • Synthetic resins
  • Instrumentation, control and automation
  • Technical services and projects

More Information:

Opening Days:

20-24 May, 2013

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Anhembi Exhibition Pavilion

Show venue:

Anhembi Exhibition Pavilion
Avenue Olavo Fontoura, 1.209 – Santana
CEP 02012 - 021
Sao Paulo, Brazil