Excellence in SHE (Safety – Health – Environment)

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Styrolution is deeply committed to combining economic success with environmental and social responsibility. We're very much aware that we have to excel in every aspect of SHE in order to succeed in the long term. Guided by our corporate value of "Responsibility" and our SHE policy, we are continually working to meet the highest standards of corporate citizenship by protecting the health and safety of individuals, by safeguarding the environment, and by creating positive impact on the communities where we do business.


Styrolution SHE policy

  • The safety and health of our employees and neighboring communities, as well as the integrity of their living environments, have absolute priority over economical interests.
  • Styrolution's SHE performance is a fundamental priority for the executive management team, who are ultimately responsible for it. Management will lead by example and allocate all required resources to achieve excellence in SHE performance.
  • We believe that all accidents are preventable. Incident-free operation is our objective. We measure, assess and strive for continuous improvement of our performance.
  • We encourage an SHE culture of open dialogue, coaching and trust. We ensure that all employees understand their personal SHE responsibilities.
  • Styrolution will operate in full compliance with applicable SHE laws and will maintain full transparency towards the responsible authorities.